The “Knows” before “Husbandship”…

There are so many sites out there if you simply google that shows you a list of things that make you a “good husband.”  The sad truth is yes those features will help you be a better husband, but probably not the best.  Don’t you think every man with internet, and can google the words “how to be a better husband” be the best?

The truth is there is one place you can go to see how you can become a better husband; your wife.  I know shocker!  However, your wife is not a reliable source.  Sorry to burst your bubble.  Your wife will tell you what makes you a great husband at that moment “clean up the house more”, “don’t ask me stuff, just do it” and so on.  Then there will be a time you did something without asking, where she will be mad you didn’t ask, what then?  So remember everything she says, is not black and white, always always grey!

There are few things however, that would make you somewhat of a good husband. Most of these are too obvious, yet we men do forget.  Why? Because reasons.  More like because we are humans too.  I know another shocker.


Yup, it’s true.  Honesty is a good trait.  Of course we all tell small white lies, “I will take out the trash later” to the worse one “I love you too.”  If you screwed up, which we both know you will, just tell her.  She would be mad of course, and 99% chance you will get the silent treatment.  At least you told her the truth, which deep down she appreciates, no will ever know it though.  If you lied to her about you screwed up, she would be more mad that you lied, and your chance of silent treatment just skyrocketed to 100%.  You are probably thinking, she will never know.  If you are thinking that, stop reading, walk to your bathroom, turn your lights on, go in front of the mirror, laugh at yourself, then come back to reading.  If there are some truths you are not telling your wife, you might want to do that today, this week, this month, at least this year; but more importantly she finds out on her own.  It might hurt her yes, start with “baby, don’t be mad..” it might actually work.  You can thank me later, don’t worry.


This is another important one, hand-in-hand with honesty.  If you are drowning in debt before marriage or somehow landed in debt after marriage, guess what?  That’s right tell her! She needs to know you are weak as well, and will make mistakes, and even need her help.  That person you chose as a spouse needs to see you at your worse, and see you being vunerable.  When they see that, they know you truly trust them.  That’s right marriage is not about you, it’s about them.


That’s right, you are married.  This doesn’t mean you have no freedom, and can’t enjoy your life, no.  It just means you can enjoy your life, just not with that fine lady in your office, or at your gym, or you see in the bus/subway.  For us men, this is a HUGE one.  We would glance at every (good looking) women that walks by.  Not because women are meat, it’s because we are so astonished at how beautiful they can be.  So another big rule in marriage, you cannot flirt, have a hidden relationship with another woman.  It does suck, because you are so hot, how could any women resist you?  Most of them will, but the ones that will tempt you, you fight them.  You will have days where you hate your wife, because she pisses you off, but you know what?  The truth is you love her.  You hate what she did and how she pissed you off.  But you love her.  So stop flirting with that hot girl, because if you every hook-up, and after 20-40 minutes of love-making and you c*m; you will feel like the piece of poop you are.

Like I said, there are so many obvious ones out there.  These are just a few that I had time to write instead of doing some actual work.  Think, reflect, and even talk to your bros!  I am sure they are going through the same conflicts, whether they are married or not.

The Beginning of Our Love Story..

The Beginning of Our Love Story..

Every man remembers, or at least tries to, the very first time they saw their wife.  I remember.  Living in a generation where you could swipe yes to land a date, because my generation spend hours in front of phone than actually talking to the person sitting across them; I saw her picture on a site (I won’t name it for the sake of privacy).  “It’s not a dating site” my wife will always say when she tells our story. It really wasn’t, it’s more of a site where you find a group of people with similar interest and join them to do stuff. But of course 90% of the guys there wanted to meet someone.
So yes, I saw her picture, she was (and is) gorgeous! I never attended any of those events, but I wanted to go to this one just so I can talk to her. We were both part of the same group, because you know…destiny! Funny thing was, she messaged me. Not because it was love at first sight, but because she wanted me to come up with an excuse not to come the event (her excuse was it was all guys). We talked a lot that night, and that week, until I finally asked her out; and she actually said yes.
When the day came, it was exciting and nerve raking. I had a ’01 Chevy at the time, if I drove it in traffic, the engine would heat up. But hey I was going to meet a beautiful woman, I didn’t care. I finally came to our meeting spot, because she got there before me, she went to grab flats. I was gentleman (actually desperate to see her and impatient), so I drove to the superstore and met her there. When she was walking towards me, I didn’t know that was going to be my wife, but I knew she was special. I knew somewhere deep down that I could love her. As we dated, it proved that she could love me unconditionally. As we dated, I also learned how to be a better person, a better husband, more importantly a better man.