The Beginning of Our Love Story..

The Beginning of Our Love Story..

Every man remembers, or at least tries to, the very first time they saw their wife.  I remember.  Living in a generation where you could swipe yes to land a date, because my generation spend hours in front of phone than actually talking to the person sitting across them; I saw her picture on a site (I won’t name it for the sake of privacy).  “It’s not a dating site” my wife will always say when she tells our story. It really wasn’t, it’s more of a site where you find a group of people with similar interest and join them to do stuff. But of course 90% of the guys there wanted to meet someone.
So yes, I saw her picture, she was (and is) gorgeous! I never attended any of those events, but I wanted to go to this one just so I can talk to her. We were both part of the same group, because you know…destiny! Funny thing was, she messaged me. Not because it was love at first sight, but because she wanted me to come up with an excuse not to come the event (her excuse was it was all guys). We talked a lot that night, and that week, until I finally asked her out; and she actually said yes.
When the day came, it was exciting and nerve raking. I had a ’01 Chevy at the time, if I drove it in traffic, the engine would heat up. But hey I was going to meet a beautiful woman, I didn’t care. I finally came to our meeting spot, because she got there before me, she went to grab flats. I was gentleman (actually desperate to see her and impatient), so I drove to the superstore and met her there. When she was walking towards me, I didn’t know that was going to be my wife, but I knew she was special. I knew somewhere deep down that I could love her. As we dated, it proved that she could love me unconditionally. As we dated, I also learned how to be a better person, a better husband, more importantly a better man.


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